2019 Toyota RAV4 Now Available With TRD, Modellista Accessories In Japan

2019 Toyota RAV4 Now Available With TRD, Modellista Accessories In Japan
Like the U.S., the aftermarket in Japan beggars belief in terms of depth and scope. Even boring vehicles such as the RAV4 are treated to lots of modifications, including OEM such as the TRD and Modellista accessories for the compact crossover from Toyota.
2019 Toyota RAV4 Now Available With TRD, Modellista Accessories In Japan
Available even as packages, these parts range from 17-inch alloy wheels wrapped in all-terrain tires to mud flaps, ornaments for the door handles, illuminated sill plates, performance dampers, and custom mufflers. Bringing the point home, even roof racks and extensions for the side skirts are available.

Toyota Racing Development has two different personalities on offer, called Field Monster and Street Monster. As their names imply, these packages are meant to make the RAV4 more credible off the beaten path and in the urban jungle. Customers who know better are aware that a front-wheel-drive crossover isn’t good at either, but nevertheless, most customers don’t care too much about the underpinnings of the RAV4.

Individual parts from TRD such as the 20-inch TF X-Limited alloys are also available, but we’re more attracted to the Modellista. Be it the Urban Solid Strider or the Jaos, the changes these packages bring to the RAV4 are more significant than those from Toyota Racing Development.

The Jaos is our favorite thanks to off-road bumpers and skid plates, additional protection on the sides of the vehicle, Toyo tires, and protective panels on the C-pillars. When all is said and done, don’t get your hopes up for the Modellista in the United States of America.

Toyota will certainly bring a handful of TRD parts to the RAV4 in North America, but chances are we’ll have to wait until the 2020 model year for them to show up in the configurator. For the time being, the Adventure trim level ($32,900 excluding destination) is the most capable on offer while the LE Hybrid ($27,700 without destination) is the most efficient.

The RAV4 for 2019 starts at $25,500 in this part of the world, topping at $35,700 for the Limited Hybrid. The Dynamic Force four-cylinder engine with 203 horsepower comes standard with the Direct Shift eight-speed automatic transmission.

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