2020 Audi A6 allroad Revealed, Gets S6 3.0 BiTDI Engine for Some Reason

2020 Audi A6 allroad Revealed, Gets S6 3.0 BiTDI Engine for Some Reason
Audi has just revealed an all-new generation of the A6 allroad quattro, the model that arguably started this whole off-road wagon shebang. But the world is probably going to keep turning as if nothing happened.

2020 Audi A6 allroad Revealed, Gets S6 3.0 BiTDI Engine for Some Reason

You see, the allroad came out in 1999, about six years before the first quattro SUV. In addition, the A6 wasn't this super-expensive luxury car back then. But now, you'll have to pay at least €61,500 for one of these models, which don't have all the advantages of a real 4×4.

Still, if you're a fan of wagons, this looks like a pretty cool way to spend your money. Direct rivals include only the Volvo XC90 Cross Country and Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain. Which do you think is the best design?

The biggest change over the standard model is the air suspension. The default setting gives you 139mm of ground clearance, which goes up by 45mm when off-roading up to 35 km/h or down by 15mm to increase autobahn stability once you cross 120 km/h.

The body kit is exactly what you'd expect, comprising of silver accents at the very bottom of the bumpers and black plastic over the wheel arches and sills. There isn't even a hint of exhaust pipe here, while wheel sizes range from 18- to 21-inch. Our favorite look is white paint with the Black optics package, including the grille, roof rails and badges.

only the European engines have been announced, all belonging to the 3.0 TDI family and shared with either the normal A6 or the Q8. The base unit makes 231 HP and 50 Nm (369 lb-ft) of torque, followed up by the 286 HP, 620 Nm (457 lb-ft) setup. At the top of the range, we find the same output as the new S6 and S7: 359 HP and 700 Nm (516 lb-ft), and you can see the 48-volt battery and the intercooler for the e-charger in the schematics Audi released.

The interior is what really sets this apart from the old A6 allroad, featuring the 12-inch Virtual Cockpit as well as the new 10-inch climate control display. But don't expect a high level of standard features. Black cloth and partial leather upholstery are standard, leaving you the choice between several leather and Alcantara color choices. Options also include the massaging seats, sunroof and even the steering wheel functions.

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