2020 Audi RS4 Rendered Again, Includes RS4 Sedan

2020 Audi RS4 Rendered Again, Includes RS4 Sedan
For many years, people have been asking Audi to get back into RS sedans, and while we only got the tiny RS3, we can at least imagine what all the others would look like.
2020 Audi RS4 Rendered Again, Includes RS4 Sedan
Rendering specialist Aksyonov Nikita envisioned an RS4 sedan based on the brand new S4 that got revealed during the week. We really wonder why Audi didn't show the RS model at the same time, but expect only minimal changes to its design.

The photos of the 2020 RS4 graphically stitch together new bumpers onto the existing bodywork. Or perhaps the artist just added the new headlights and taillights to the older design. If there's a master class for Photoshopping cars, we really should look into it.

In any case, the new lights have a similar design to those of the A6 family, with a cascading wave pattern over the top that activates to greet you or when you use the indicators.

The Germans are unlikely to mess with what's under the hood. It's a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 that's found in a variety of other cars, such as the Porsche Panamera S or the global version of the S6 and S7 (Europe gets a diesel). It's a good engine with ample torque, though it will never sound as sweet as the old 4.2-liter V8 from the glory days.

A few years ago, we would have immediately assumed the engine was getting a bit more power. But since the EU is cracking down on emissions, we wouldn't be surprised if it made less. That's what happened to the S3 family a couple of years ago.

Likewise, the six-cylinder unit might receive some assistance from a mild-hybrid system. You see that on the new S4 models which are the only members of the A4 family with a 48-volt electrical system.

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