2020 Opel Corsa F Leaked as EV, Engine Specs Revealed

2020 Opel Corsa F Leaked as EV, Engine Specs Revealed
The new Opel Corsa hatchback has been leaked almost half a year ahead of what was supposed to be a Frankfurt Motor Show debut. This is, in fact, the electric version of the car, but the general design is going to be largely the same.
2020 Opel Corsa F Leaked as EV, Engine Specs Revealed
The Corsa e badge on the rump makes things a little confusing, as this is supposed to be the Corsa F generation. Also, wasn't it supposed to be called the e-Corsa? But the new model has nothing in common with its predecessor. Opel began work several years ago, but scrapped everything once PSA took over.

Without this hurdle, the Corsa F would have debuted last year, but probably wouldn't have been as good. The supermini hatchback rides on the same platform as the Peugeot 208 and even has a lion's heart.

Initial specs we sampled from a prototype test drive event reveal that the 2020 Corsa is 4.06 meters long, with a 2,54 (+28mm) wheelbase and much shorter overhangs. In addition, it's 48mm lower for better stability, while cargo capacity has grown to 309 liters.

Highlights of the exterior design include the double LED signature of the headlights and a profile that does away with the small window next to the rearview mirror. Also, the flat hood makes it less bubbly and the C-pillar is quite similar to that of the Peugeot sister car.

Using the CMP platform, Opel has managed to make the Corsa up to 108 kg (238 lbs). This comes from using Peugeot's aluminum engines, but also a 40kg lighter body. Speaking of engines, only two displacements will e available, 1.2 liters for gasoline units and 1.5 for the diesel.

The former will have 75, 100 and 130 HP, while the diesel will only be available with 100 HP, at least at first. Initial impressions suggest that although slightly down on power, the top 130 HP model is faster and more responsive than Opel's old 1.4 Turbo. The 8-speed automatic will show a substantial improvement over Opel's sluggish unit.

As for the interior, it puts an Opel spin on Peugeot's parts, borrowing the gear shifter that dates back all the way to the 3008, but placing the infotainment screen flush with the dash instead of sitting like a tablet.

On June 4th, the electric model we see in these photos will be launched, though it won't be available to buy until early next year. It features the same setup as the Peugeot model, meaning a 136 HP electric motor and a 50 kW battery pack to give it a maximum range of 340 km (211 miles).

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