2020 SEAT Mii Turns Full Electric, Details Released

2020 SEAT Mii Turns Full Electric, Details Released
Slowly but surely Europe’s smallest cars are turning electric. With the launch of the all-electric line of the smart just around the corner, Spanish brand SEAT decided to move into the segment by phasing out the internal combustion engine Mii and replacing it with an all electric one.
2020 SEAT Mii Turns Full Electric, Details Released
This week, SEAT is showing the electric Mii in Oslo, Norway, with more cities to follow as part of the carmaker’s SEAT on Tour series of events. With the reveal of the car came the full details on it.

To be “one of the most affordable electric vehicles offered,” the electric Mii will provide a decent range of 260 km (161 miles) thanks to the 36.8kWh lithium-ion battery pack fitted inside, as recorded under the WLTP test cycle.

Power levels are not at all impressive, but then again they never were for this model and nobody really expects more. The car’s electric motor, linked as usual to a single speed transmission develops 83 ps and 212 Nm of torque.

Visually, the electric Mii does not differ much than the version already on sale, apart from the electric lettering at the rear, electric stickers on the side and 16-inch alloy wheels in matte cosmo grey.

On the inside changes are minor as well, and they are limited to a new dashboard, ambient lighting, heated seats, and black sport leather steering wheel, gear knob and handbrake.

SEAT plans to start pre-sales of the model in September, with sales to go in full swing by the end of the year. The car will begin production this summer, when the combustion engine Mii will be officially declared dead.

The SEAT on Tour event, with the electric Mii in tow, will be in Liverpool next (June 18), then at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, then in Paris and finally in Milan in November.

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