2020 VW Golf 8 Interior and Exterior Sketches Are Very Revealing

2020 VW Golf 8 Interior and Exterior Sketches Are Very Revealing
Volkswagen continues the long teasing process leading up to the official debut of the Golf 8 in October. This time, we get a couple of official sketches revealing many design changes.

2020 VW Golf 8 Interior and Exterior Sketches Are Very Revealing

We're going to start with the interior, as this seems like the most radical departure. The sketch reveals many changes that we suspected were coming, but it's nice to see it all together.

Golf dashboard design is virtually the same since the early 2000s, but Volkswagen has taken cues from other tech-savvy brands. The amount of buttons has been reduced to a minimum, and we suspect this isn't going to be to everyone's liking.

More specifically the Golf 8 will have a wrap-around screen, like a Mercedes S-Class, but with a crease between the digital dash and infotainment, as you see on the Touareg. It's going to look pretty weird if you don't go for all the options, which is exactly what VW wants.

Changes also include a tiny DSG gearbox shifter, capacitive controls for the air conditioning and buttons to turn on the lights. We've already seen some of these features on various concepts, like the Cupra Formentor and Skoda Vision RS. Also, the steering wheel made its debut on the Passat facelift.

The exterior sketch is not to be trusted fully. The Golf 8 won't be nearly as sporty. However, this new headlight unit is consistent with our own spyshots.

Europe's most popular car model will be based on an evolved version of the MQB platform, but most of the engines will migrate to a 12 or 48-volt electric system with mild hybrid assistance. The boring stuff includes the 1.0 TSI 3-cylinder which most people will buy, but VW is apparently also working on a 204 HP diesel for the GTD model and a variety of performance GTI and R derivatives.

At least one version will be a plug-in hybrid with about 80 km (50 miles) of EV range. The 1.5 TGI engine that runs on compressed natural gas will be another eco statement piece.

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