2021 Ford Bronco Sport Production Delayed To Fall

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Production Delayed To Fall

The Ford Bronco Sport is one of the most hotly anticipated launch of this year. The “baby Bronco” was set to make its debut at the New York Auto show in April.

But because of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the Auto Show was canceled, and the reveal delayed as well. According to a new report from Automotive News, Bronco Sport’s production has now been delayed by two months. The production was set to start from July 13 but will now start from September 7. The Bronco Sport will slot below the full-size Bronco and was set to arrive in the market before its larger and more expensive sibling. The Bronco Sport is based on the same platform that also underpins the new Ford Escape.

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Earlier this month a document surfaced detailing the specifications of the Bronco Sport. Like the Escape, it will come with an option of two turbocharged engines: a 1.5-liter three cylinder and a 2.0-liter four-pot. We don’t know the output figures of the Bronco Sport but we do know that it will be available as a 4×4 vehicle only. The Bronco Sport was to start its production at Ford’s Mexico plant but due to the spread of the coronavirus, the supply lines have been disrupted which has contributed to the delay. At this time we also don’t know when the baby Bronco will be officially revealed.

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