2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Leaks on Twitter

2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Leaks on Twitter

A single social media image suggests Toyota’s next-gen minivan will debut next week—and come only as a hybrid.

It can be very hard to keep a secret in these digital days. The latest case in point: a picture of the 2021 Toyota Sienna has popped up on Twitter early. It comes mere days after Toyota announced a reveal event for two all-new hybrid models on Monday, May 18.

Our friends at Roadshow first caught the gaff, with the image popping up in the Live Events section of the social media site. That was likely in preparation for the event, though details remain understandably scarce. What we do see in the image is the rear of the new minivan, with sharper taillights and Toyota’s unmistakeable blue-accented badge. That’s right, the Sienna is going hybrid.

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Based on the text of the image, it isn’t just adopting Toyota’s widespread hybrid tech. The Sienna will instead be available as a hybrid, which would make it unique in the segment. Only Chrysler’s Pacifica offers a (plug-in) hybrid currently. The 2021 Pacifica will add all-wheel drive to its options list—a feature the Sienna already has—though battery power and all-paw traction are, for now, mutually exclusive.

We expect the Sienna to sit on Toyota’s TNGA platform, which suggests a variation on the Highlander’s hybrid powertrain. Toyota’s electrified three-row crossover comes in either front- or all-wheel drive configurations, which could be a feather in the minivan’s cap. The challenge would be retaining the low load floor typical of the segment. In our 2020 Toyota Sienna review we found it a straight-forward load-lugger, but it could definitely benefit from an infusion of new tech and more refinement.

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Whether or not the Sienna is indeed one of the two all-new hybrids to debut on May 18, we’ll know in a matter of days. Same too for that other mystery model. Tune in Monday for more info.

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