2021 Volkswagen Tarek Compact Crossover Coming To the U.S.

2021 Volkswagen Tarek Compact Crossover Coming To the U.S.
Known as the Tharu in China, the Tarek has been confirmed by Volkswagen for North America. From Mexico to Canada, the compact crossover with Skoda Karoq underpinnings will slot under the Tiguan in the German automaker’s lineup.
2021 Volkswagen Tarek Compact Crossover Coming To the U.S.
“But hold on a second, isn’t the Tiguan also compact in size?” While that’s true, the Tiguan in the United States is the long-wheelbase model. The three-row seating enables Volkswagen to add the Tarek in there, undercutting the Tiguan by a few thousand dollars. Speaking of which, the most affordable configuration is $24,995 before destination charge.

The introduction of the Tarek in 2021 might also spell the end of the Golf Alltrack in the United States and Canada, more so if you remember a recent report on the matter. In this part of the world, only the Golf GTI and Golf R are expected to live on.

Autoblog Argentina reports that Volkswagen will invest 650 million dollars in the Pacheco Car Assembly Plant to enable Tarek production. For the time being, Pacheco produces the Amarok single and double cab along with the Amarok V6. The assembly line where the Tarek will be made will come from China according to the Argentine publication.

Over in China, the badge-engineered brother of the Skoda Karoq is available with 1.2-, 1.4-, and 2.0-liter TSI options with up to 186 horsepower. Over in Europe where diesel still is popular, a handful of TDI options sweeten the deal. Skoda is expected to introduce the Karoq RS at some point in the future, and the performance-oriented crossover could find an equivalent in the Tarek if Volkswagen can make a case for such a model.

The MQB vehicle architecture of the Tarek will be utilized for the Tarok as well, a compact pickup truck that Volkswagen could sell in North America. For the time being, the Germans are keeping quiet about the availability of the workhorse despite the concept’s appearance at the 2019 New York International Auto Show.

In terms of size, the Tharu in China measures 175.3 inches in length and features a 105.5-inch wheelbase. By comparison, the Tiguan with the long wheelbase measures 185.1 and 109.8 inches, respectively.

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