300 HP Version of the Alpine A110 Is Testing at the Nurburgring

300 HP Version of the Alpine A110 Is Testing at the Nurburgring
Exotic car on a budget? Forget about second-hand Ferraris and just get yourself the Alpine A110. Or better yet, wait about a year and just get yourself the more powerful model.

300 HP Version of the Alpine A110 Is Testing at the Nurburgring

The A110 is a modern interpretation of a very successful and beautiful classic sports car. So it's a bit like the Jaguar F-Type. However, the two couldn't be more different in one regard: weight. Built around an aluminum frame with a philosophy that borders on automotive bulimia, the 2-seat wonder tips the scales at about 1.1 tons.

Powered by a mid-mounted 1.8-liter turbo engine that's similar to the Megane RS, it's also got a fantastic power-to-weight ratio. However, everybody's reaction to the initial output figure of 252 HP was "when are we going to get more?"

Renault never openly talked about such a possibility, but let slip on multiple occasions that it will offer a track-focused version. The last report dating back to the beginning of 2019 said we should expect the 300 HP output of the Megane RS Trophy as early as this October.

The revised version is supposed to be called A110 Sport, losing about 50 kilograms of interior trim and increasing its torque to 400 Nm as well, 80 more than you get now. These changes should reduce the 0 to 100 km/h sprint time of the sports car to just 4 seconds.

Just rumors and speculation? There's no other explanation for this Nurburgring spy video, showing a black A110 with measuring equipment strapped to its wheels that clearly indicates a new engine setup. In addition, the exhaust tone has become more brutal and the suspension is slightly lower as well.

Further down the line, a cabriolet version is supposed to be developed, and there's even a rumor about an Alpine SUV model, based on a Mercedes platform. But all we want is more, better and faster sports coupes like this one.

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