Audi RS Q8 Filmed in Urban Traffic, Looks Massive

Audi RS Q8 Filmed in Urban Traffic, Looks Massive
We're slightly concerned about the future of the SQ8 project. However, we know that at least one Audi SUV will receive the V8 technology it deserves, and that's the RS Q8.
Audi RS Q8 Filmed in Urban Traffic, Looks Massive
BMW and Mercedes have been competing over who can make the most obscenely fast sports activity vehicle for many years. However, Audi never made a rival for the X5 M or ML 63/GLE 63. That changes now, thanks to the sleeker body style of the Q8 and an engine that could be the last of its kind for the VW Group.

After millions invested in its development, the 4.0 TFSI has impressed up when placed under the hood of the Lamborghini Urus and Porsche Cayenne. The Audi Sport application is expected to fall between the 550 and 650 HP power outputs of those two sister vehicles.

Our best guess is 605 HP, the same as the older RS6 competition. But hearing the test prototype going down the road somewhere in Germany, we're not blown away by its aural delivery. Perhaps it was in the wrong driving mode, but the V8 is almost mute, despite having access to two exhaust pipes.

Beyond that, you can see other changes as well The front bumper has been changed completely to make room for an even more aggressive grille with a honeycomb mesh that spreads to other areas. The rocker panels and rear diffuser have been upgraded as well. Expect the production model to wear more vibrant colors, which Audi has taken a liking to recently.

Of course, the RS Q8 is not just about the power of the engine. However, the chassis of this SUV always felt like it was over-engineered for the power of the normal V6 engines. You'll have trick quattro, adaptive anti-roll bars and all-wheel steering, just to name a few technologies.

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