Audi SQ2 Takes Moose Test, Shows Understeer and Wobble

Audi SQ2 Takes Moose Test, Shows Understeer and Wobble
Crossovers are now taking a big chunk out of the hot hatch market. It started with the Juke Nismo RS and Countryman/Paceman JCW, but the world seems to be paying a lot more attention because VW Group is all-in.
Audi SQ2 Takes Moose Test, Shows Understeer and Wobble
We have contenders from four separate brands, three of which have the same powertrain. We're talking about the VW T-Roc R, the Cupra Ateca and this, the Audi SQ2 with the 300 horsepower 2.0 TSI/TFSI.

The fourth model is the Kodiaq RS, which we've already seen taking the moose test a few weeks ago. At the time, we thought it didn't do so well and expected the smaller, lighter and lower Audi SQ2 to be almost as agile as a regular hatchback.

But that clearly wasn't the case. At 79 km/h, the SQ2 showed strong understeer and completely missed the last set of cones. This looks like it has nothing to do with how the electronics are set up, which is usually the problem with crossovers. The only cure for this would have been a more tail-happy setup for the quattro and perhaps improving the weight distribution.

Only when lowering the speed to 75 km/h did the Audi perform as expected. However, there's a lot of wobble in the suspension. Not Jeep levels, but still enough to scare you a little. The moose test is designed to replicate a real-world scenario where you would have to avoid an object in the middle of the road. So if you own the SQ2, make sure you don't drive it to the full potential of its 300 horsepower engine.

Our take from all of this is that crossover technology still has a way to go. For a truly sporty SUV experience, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio QV is one of only a few choices.

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