Audi TT Safari Revealed, Looks Like Full-Size Hot Wheels

Audi TT Safari Revealed, Looks Like Full-Size Hot Wheels
It's not an official launch, nor are we looking at a rendering. The TT Safari is a real car, a one-off that Audi built for this year's edition of the Worthersee GTI Meet.
Audi TT Safari Revealed, Looks Like Full-Size Hot Wheels
Each year, hundreds of thousands of car fans descend upon the shores of a beautiful lake in what we can only describe as the Austrian version of Sturgis. And to thank them for their loyalty, VW Group brands like to put together something special, sometimes calling on the help of their apprentices.

Skoda's past few attempts have been… pretty bad, but even though the TT Safari was put together by a bunch of teens, it looks ready to conquer the desert or at least get some social media attention.

Pretty much everything is special on this car, and most of the new kit looks 3D-printed. At the front, we have revisions for the grille, a sporty bumper, yellow accessory lights and gratuitous fender flares that only partially cover up the massive off-road tires. Volkswagen once put something a bit like this into production, the Beetle Dune, but the stance was nowhere near as wild. And thanks to the MQB platform, the TT Safari is off-road compatible, with many versions packing AWD.

Other goodies include the new bumper with supercar-like exhaust ports, a trunk spoiler or the new rear bumper, which we think was "stolen" from the 2014 TT Offroad concept. You also can't miss the two chunky tires stuffed through the window or the roof rack that no other TT model has.

We could name a few other borrowed bits, like the TT RS taillights, or the steering wheel. But it's like explaining what makes Hot Wheels toys cool: it ruins the fun. So we'll just let the photo gallery do the talking and hope to see it on YouTube soon.

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