BMW M8 Cabriolet Spied, Looks Like a Luxury-Performance Combo

BMW M8 Cabriolet Spied, Looks Like a Luxury-Performance Combo
The BMW M brand doesn't just make one type of car, and it's only going to get more diversified once the hybrids start coming. For now, let's just focus on the upcoming M8 Cabriolet, which blends more luxury into the formula than your average tail-happy Bimmer.
BMW M8 Cabriolet Spied, Looks Like a Luxury-Performance Combo
This test prototype was spied near and on the Nurburgring, where BMW is doing most of its testing these days. The track has become a marketing platform of sorts, allowing companies to drum up interest years before selling anything.

In the case of the M8, we're dealing with a replacement for the M6 Cabriolet, but with more of everything The M850i model already exceeds the appeal and performance of the old convertible, so here, we could be dealing with a record-setting open-top car.

Obviously, it's not going to be as spacious as the 8 Series Coupe, not that it sets any benchmarks. But once you pop the top, the M8 Cabrio allows you to enjoy a fantastic soundtrack. It's the sort of car you want to blast through tunnels with.

Many things set it apart from the old M6, especially M-tuned xDrive. This allows BMW to dump even more power into the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8. With the competition pack, this convertible is going to have at least 620 horsepower. And while that might not sound mind-blowing, independent tests have shown the same engine actually makes around 700 HP on the M5.

That being said, the model isn't very creative, just an expensive large 2-door with a big engine and a folding fabric top. As such, we think it will appeal mainly to an older type of BMW M buyer, not that there's anything wrong with that. If you think about it, the M8 Cabrio still isn't as bold as the i8 from many years back.

In any case, please enjoy the spy video from Carspotter Jeroen, which also includes the M8 Coupe, the M2 CS and that fancy version of the AMG GT R.

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