Cadillac To Add 200 Dealerships In China By 2025

Cadillac To Add 200 Dealerships In China By 2025
Take a good look at the CT6 Plug-In Hybrid. This full-size luxury sedan isn’t manufactured in the U.S. but China, and Cadillac is on a roll in the Middle Kingdom.

Cadillac To Add 200 Dealerships In China By 2025

The crown jewel of General Motors sold more than 205,000 vehicles in China last year, becoming the fourth best-selling automotive luxury brand in the Asian country. The grand total for 2018 in the United States is 154,702 vehicles, most of them XT5 crossovers.

Given the automaker’s success, Cadillac plans to level up in China by expanding the dealership network. Almost 200 locations will be added by 2025 according to Automotive News. "Our growth in China has been driven, in a large part, by our dealer partners in the region," commented Steve Carlisle at the 2019 Auto Summit in New York.

The president of Cadillac entered the scene in April 2018. Out of the blue, General Motors announced that Johan de Nysschen is leaving Cadillaceffective immediately.” Under the previous president, the brand launched the CT6 sedan and XT4 crossover.

Automotive News reports that half of Caddy's customers in China are new-vehicle buyers, and the average age of the buyer is 32 years old. In other words, the demographics are extremely different from the United States where Cadillac is regarded as an old man’s car.

Also stateside, the Escalade gave Cadillac a bit of a reputation with the hip-hop scene and celebrities that can’t be bothered about the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban. Even though it’s luxurious inside and imposing outside, the Escalade uses a platform derived from the previous-generation Silverado pickup truck.

Turning out attention back to sales, sales volumes increased 17 percent in China while the U.S. dropped 1.1 percent. Once again, there’s no denying that customer preferences differ from market to market, let alone countries as different as these two.

The truth of the matter is, neglect and no forward vision is what ruined Cadillac in the eyes of the American customer. General Motors also cheaps out on parts and build quality, and Cadillac is no different if you go through the complaints database on the NHTSA website.

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