Chevy Volt Gets a Buick Makeover in China

Chevy Volt Gets a Buick Makeover in China

Buick has revealed its first-ever plug-in hybrid for the Chinese market, a re-skinned Chevy Volt called the Velite 5. 

According to Buick, the Velite 5 has a total driving range of 477 miles, while in all-electric mode the car can drive about 72 miles. Just like the Volt, it uses a 1.5-liter direct-injection four-cylinder mated to a lithium battery pack, adding up to an average fuel economy of around 0.9L/100km (over 200 mpg) according to Buick.

The Velite 5 is part of Buick’s electrification strategy in China, which will include the introduction of new plug-in hybrids, standard hybrids and pure electrics over the next two years.

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The biggest difference between the Velite 5 and Volt seems to be the styling, although Chinese buyers are offered some other perks like free OnStar telematics services for five years.

Buick’s hybrids in China are branded as “Buick Blue,” and this is the second model in the hybrid lineup, joining the LaCrosse hybrid.

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