Chiron Sport "110 Ans Bugatti" Insurance Costs $50,251 Per Year

Chiron Sport "110 Ans Bugatti" Insurance Costs $50,251 Per Year

The Bugatti Chiron Sport is an expensive means of personal transportation at €2.65 million euros before options, but the “110 Ans Bugatti”is something else. Ownership also consists of auto insurance, and the limited-edition model costs $4,188 to insure per month.

Chiron Sport "110 Ans Bugatti" Insurance Costs $50,251 Per Year

That’s $50,251 per year or two examples of the 2019 Hyundai Kona plus insurance. Value Penguin lists the Chiron Sport “110 Ans Bugatti” at $3,260,000, and the down payment for such an exquisite machine is estimated at $326,000. Add the $54,313 monthly loan payment and the commercial truck insurance, and the total cost over five years of ownership is $3,836,009.

The thing is, hypercars aren’t easy to insure. Driver fortunate enough to join the Chiron club “will have to get collector car insurance,” and this comes with a few differences over the insurance of the crossover from South Korea. In the case of the Bugatti, “the insurer will cover the cost to repair or replace the vehicle up to an agreed value.”

Limited to 20 examples of the breed, the “110 Ans Buggati” celebrates the French automaker’s long line of exceptional automobiles. Coming as standard with a two-tone color scheme, Nocturne matte-black wheels, and French Racing Blue brake calipers, the special edition also features the French flag on the seats, fuel filler cap, side mirrors, and retractable wing.

As with the Chiron Sport, the “110 Ans Bugatti” is 40 pounds lighter than the Chiron thanks to more carbon-fiber components. Even the windshield wipers are made from the material, which goes to show that Bugatti wasn’t messing around when designing the car.

An 8.0-liter engine with four turbochargers and sixteen cylinders develops 1,479 horsepower at the crankshaft along with 1,180 pound-feet of torque. A seven-speed transmission then sends the suck-squeeze-bang-blow to all four wheels, translating to serious acceleration.

2.4 seconds is all it takes for to hit 60 miles per hour, and the Chiron is pegged at 261 mph (420 km/h) on full song. While quicker by eight seconds around the Nardò test track, the Divo is limited to 236 mph (380 km/h) because there’s a lot more downforce going on.

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