Ford Extends Bronco Sasquatch Package to Manual Transmission

Ford Extends Bronco Sasquatch Package to Manual Transmission

Response to customer demand expands Sasquatch package availability to the row-your-own Bronco.

In a surprise move, Ford has announced it’s broadening the availability of the upcoming Bronco’s hardcore Sasquatch off-road package. The announcement comes as a direct result of feedback from reservation holders, just two months after the Blue Oval debuted the new SUV.

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Back in July when said unveiling happened, Ford confirmed at the time that the Sasquatch package would only be available with the 10-speed automatic transmission. Ticking the not-a-Bigfoot option adds 35-inch Goodyear mud-terrain tires to the package, with 17-inch beadlock-capable wheels. Sasquatch models also get Dana electronic locking axles front and rear, a higher suspension with two additional inches of track, wider fender flares to cover that, and unique Bilstein shocks.

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With the manual transmission, Sasquatch-equipped Broncos flex a 94.75:1 max crawl ratio. That sound you hear is thousands of off-road enthusiasts smiling in unison.

Ford Extends Bronco Sasquatch Package to Manual Transmission

“The Bronco community spoke and we heard them,” said Ford Bronco consumer marketing manager Mark Grueber. “Our team moved quickly to add Sasquatch with a manual transmission – another example of our focus on giving customers the best possible off-road vehicles and accessories that we can.”

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Ford has yet to announce pricing for the manual Sasquatch—or Mansquatch, as Ford’s Mark Levine called it on Twitter this morning—or indeed a detailed breakdown of all the build options and their prices. We don’t have long to wait though, as the American automaker confirmed the Bronco online configurator will go live in October. Ford expects the manual Sasquatch combo will be available late 2021.

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