Ford Mach E Concept To Be Revealed This Year

Ford Mach E Concept To Be Revealed This Year
It’s been a long, long time since Ford promised an electric crossover with Mustang styling, and ever since, the Blue Oval messed things up by trying to convince people that Mach 1 sounds alright. For a Mustang that may be the case, but not for an EV on stilts.
Ford Mach E Concept To Be Revealed This Year
The Mach E is expected to be previewed by a concept in the second half of 2019. The production model should go official in 2020 according to, a piece of information that’s been touted by the media since times immemorial. Adding insult to injury, the Brits claim the Mach E would challenge the Model Y electric crossover.

Consider the photographs in the gallery, showcasing a pre-production prototype of the Ford. After that, take a good look at the Tesla and try to find a common ground between the two. There’s no denying the Blue Oval tries to make the Mach E exciting by infusing Mustang styling into the exterior design, but that’s not enough to challenge the Model Y in terms of brand awareness, coolness, and technological superiority.

There’s also the matter of supply and production output. Tesla makes its own batteries and Palo Alto churns out a lot of EVs per week while the Ford Motor Company couldn’t be bothered with this segment of the automotive industry up to now. It’ll be years before the Blue Oval will catch up, and during those years, the partnership with Volkswagen could help the Americans with the MEB vehicle architecture.

In addition to a teaser photo, another official detail we know about the Mach E is the range. “More than 300 miles” is how the cookie crumbles, and that’s a bold statement given the competition from Tesla. The Model Y, for comparison, manages up to 300 miles of EPA-rated range on a full charge of the Panasonic lithium-ion battery.

Over in Europe, Ford claims the Mach E is capable of 370 miles under the WLTP. That’s 595 kilometers in one go, and we’re finding it hard to believe given the size and shape of the Mach E and the limited know-how of the Ford Motor Company in terms of EVs. The Model Y in Long Range flavor is rated at 540 kilometers (336 miles) under the WLTP.

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