Ford to Build New Midsize SUV for India with Mahindra

Ford to Build New Midsize SUV for India with Mahindra
Having long ago lost the battle to become a noteworthy player on the Chinese market, American carmaker Ford is turning its attention toward what numbers say will be the next promised land of the auto industry: India.

Ford to Build New Midsize SUV for India with Mahindra

Back in 2017, Ford and local auto giant Mahindra signed a deal to unite their efforts for the development of products for the local market. The alliance announced its first two projects one year later, a low-displacement gasoline engine to be used from 2020 in future Ford vehicles, and a new telematics control unit.

The idea of building a new midsize SUV that will be sold in India and other emerging markets has previously been announced in March 2018, but the first few details were released four months into 2019. The two companies say they will be making a car that will be branded both as a Ford and as a Mahindra and sold independently.

As the leader of the SUV segment in its home country, Mahindra will chip in both the platform and powertrain. It’s unclear at this point what Ford will bring to the project – aside for access to global emerging markets through Ford’s manufacturing and distribution network – as no other details about the new car were announced, 

“Today’s announcement is another significant step in the collaboration between our two companies,” said in a statement Pawan Goenka, Mahindra managing director.

“Having identified several areas for joint development, both companies will continue to work together to develop products using common product platforms. This will reduce product development costs and gain economies of scale for both companies."

Mahindra is one of the largest car companies in Asia. The entity is also the owner of South Korean SUV maker Ssangyong, and in recent years has expanded the scope of its business to include ridesharing platforms, including on the U.S. market.

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