GMC Coupe Rendering Based on Camaro Somehow Looks Acceptable

GMC Coupe Rendering Based on Camaro Somehow Looks Acceptable
Everybody remembers the GMC Sprint, and by everybody, we mean just a few collectors. However, that's the car that immediately jumped to mind when we saw this rendering by Aksyonov Nikita.
GMC Coupe Rendering Based on Camaro Somehow Looks Acceptable
It's a strange mix between the Chevy Camaro and truck-like styling cues from the GMC brand that falls under the same GM umbrella. This combination should never work, but we think it does.

The Camaro is one of the more successful modern muscle cars, having gained a huge boost to in handling with this generation. But people have argued that its design is too out there, blaming it for slowing sales.

The GMC Coupe… or cabriolet, whichever you prefer, has a large, square grille and simple headlights It's simple and imposing, a bit like everyone's favorite Dodge muscle car. If would be amazing if the GMC brand was allowed to spice things up, and there's certainly leftover production capacity over at the Camaro factory.

But there's no precedent for something like this, no heritage from GMC that would justify such a car. Even Cadillac is pulling out of the car market, and with the EV boom happening, the golden age of the muscle car is always going to be in the past.

People have tried to give the Camaro a fresh look. A quick internet search will reveal Firebird lookalikes and the odd Trans Am mashup, based on the 6th generation Camaro. But you won't find anything about GMC because the brand is all about utility, not muscle.

What would even power a car like this? A normal V6 or V8 would be too mainstream, so how about a Cummins inline-6 diesel. They probably couldn't get away with it as a car so the GMC Coupe might be better off as a car-based pickup, like the classic Sprint/El Camino.

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