Guy Builds 1997 Golf VR6 With 2016 Golf GTI Front, Similar Polo

Guy Builds 1997 Golf VR6 With 2016 Golf GTI Front, Similar Polo
If you're looking for a sudden burst of "what the heck?" always check what the Volkswagen community is doing. In Europe at least, they are the masters of building stuff just because they can, and we always get a huge influx around the time of the Worthersee GTI Meet in Austria.
Guy Builds 1997 Golf VR6 With 2016 Golf GTI Front, Similar Polo
Honestly, the media doesn't know what this show is about. Volkswagen thinks it's a way to sell overpriced keychains while YouTubers even film Ferraris. However, the tens of thousands of visitors just want to see a crazy Vdub. And a 1997 Golf with the face of a 2017 model is the definition of "crazy."

A design engineer and custom builder by the name of Christian Magass (@magassdesign) decided to graft the front end of a modern Golf GTI onto its predecessor from four generations ago. Money is also spent on a variety of other parts, like custom suspension, polished wheels and an expensive-looking candy red paint finish.

The Golf 3 is so old that I don't know anything interesting to say about it. I hope you'll forgive me; it's been over two decades already. Back when it was new, kids were playing on Game Boys and a young Leonardo DiCaprio made Box Office history by playing a third-class passenger on a ship.

It came out in 1991 and had safety improvements over the previous generation, which also made it heavier and quite slow. Airbags were available for the first time, while the bumper design was integrated into the bumper, which made it modern for the time.

The outcome of this tuning project could have been considered unique were it not for the sister car. It's a 1998 Polo with the face from a front end from the 2014 Polo GTI, a GOlf 4 rear and Saab diffusor.

Even the engine is re-painted here. With the time and money invested here, he could have probably bought a new car. But everybody has a GTI park in their driveway in Sweden, whereas this has won various tuning show awards.

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