Infiniti QX50 Gets Larte Design Body Kit, Looks Mazda-Like

Infiniti QX50 Gets Larte Design Body Kit, Looks Mazda-Like
We can't remember what Larte Design did before it got into SUVs, but the Russian tuner has been playing with these automotive giants longer than most. They deserve more credit and we decided to do just that by sharing their latest tuning project.
Infiniti QX50 Gets Larte Design Body Kit, Looks Mazda-Like
Well, it's not the latest. That title belongs to the refreshed QX80, but we don't enjoy the look of that thing, Infiniti being to blame. Instead, we're going to focus on the QX50.

A lot has been said about the QX50, most of it not very flattering. The special variable turbo setup that cost so much to develop isn't to the liking of most American reviewers, while the steering system can be unpredictable.

But we figure you can't buy a better-looking luxury SUV with this nice of a leather interior for the money. The Russians seem to like it too, though they've always had an affinity for the Infiniti brand since the era of the G-Series coupe. Maybe all those supermodel blondes have become soccer moms and need the right mode of transportation.

Regardless, the QX50 body kit from Larte is named Missuro and consists of the usual components: grille, bumpers, skirts, and badges. But the outcome requires a double-take because it somehow resembles both generations of the Mazda CX-5, which is no bad thing.

The Larte kit has a kind of Japanese style about it, since it adds the kind of lower bumper aero you see on the TRD-tuned Supra, for example. Despite not having a performance version, the luxury SUV has also been fitted with quad exhaust tips, like some AMG models.

From what we understand, a 272 HP 2-liter turbo is the only engine you can buy in Europe. However, Russia is not technically in Europe, from where Infiniti is pulling out right now anyway.

The aero treatment extends to the back spoiler while replacing the factory grille and badge means many automotive dilettantes will wonder what kind of car this is.

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