Is This the 2020 Toyota Supra Targa of Your Dreams?

Is This the 2020 Toyota Supra Targa of Your Dreams?
The reaction to the 2020 Supra hasn't been all that great. But that doesn't mean people won't buy it and have a play, making it their own.
Is This the 2020 Toyota Supra Targa of Your Dreams?
The hundreds of GT 86 projects we've shared prove that the loyal Toyota fans are willing to spend a lot of money on their Japanese sports car, even if it's developed with another company. Modern tuning is often less about going super-fast in a modified 2JZ and more about "the look."

Widebody kits are probably being dreamed up right now, while people with $50,000 sitting in their bank accounts are already Photoshopping fancy wheels or carbon wings. Sure, engine swaps are going to happen as well, even ones for D1 drifting.

Toyota surely wants a slice of the pie. Sadly, it hasn't developed the Cabrio version of the GT 86, despite showing a concept. But it did launch many special editions to cash in on the model's popularity.

That's surely going to be the case with the new Supra, which already has 40 HP it can get for its 3-liter BMW turbo engine. Track suspension wouldn't be a problem either.

We hope nobody in the automotive press goes up to a Supra engineer to ask "what about a Cabrio?" because the answer has to be the most obvious thing ever. It's probably written somewhere at the bottom of the contract with BMW that the Japanese model can't step on the Z4's toes.

So instead, we propose a super-sexy Supra Targa, like the one model created by Ted Li of flathat3d. We love the open-air look and honestly wouldn't want a heavy folding mechanism like you with the 911 Targa. Regardless, the project has some other changes going on, like lowered suspension and titanium exhaust. The bodywork mixes a lot from the FT-1 concept that previewed the Supra some six years ago.

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