Lamborghini Also Sold a Record Number of Cars Last Year

Lamborghini Also Sold a Record Number of Cars Last Year

Even with all the talk of electric cars and autonomous vehicles, Lamborghini isn’t having a hard time selling cars.

The Italian automaker has announced a record 3,815 cars were delivered in 2017 to customers around the world, marking a seventh straight year of growth. In 2016, Lamborghini sold 3,457 units, which means last year, the automaker experienced a double-digit sales growth of 10 percent compared to the previous year. Since 2010, when it sold 1,302 cars, Lamborghini has nearly tripled its sales numbers.

Every region set historic sales records for the brand last year, with EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) increasing 18 percent to 1,477 units; America growing four percent to 1,338 cars; and Asia Pacific jumping nine percent to 1,000 units.

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The largest single market remains the U.S. at 1,095 units sold, followed by Japan (411), the U.K. (353), Germany (303), Greater China (265), Canada (211), and the Middle East (164).

Lamborghini also said sales of the V12-powered Aventador grew by six percent from 1,104 units to 1,173 units, while the V10 Huracan increased 12 percent from 2,353 units to 2,642 units.

Now with the Lamborghini Urus set to reach markets this year, expect to see even more sales growth from the brand in 2018.

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