Lamborghini Sells 5,750 Cars in 2018, Sets All Time Record

Lamborghini Sells 5,750 Cars in 2018, Sets All Time Record
We’re well into 2019 and by now most major carmakers, especially the ones that needed to count cars by the millions, have posted their sales figures for last year. Much smaller in terms of production levels, Lamborghini was a bit slow to do so, but for those with interest in the company, the wait was worth while.

Lamborghini Sells 5,750 Cars in 2018, Sets All Time Record

This Thursday, Lamborghini said it sold 5,750 cars in 2018. A big number for a niche carmaker, but also a huge one if we are to take into account the fact that the figure represents an increase of 51 percent over the performance of 2017.

The huge increase in sales was of course attributed, at least in part, to the launch of the Urus. The nameplate did not boost sales only because it was the newest Lamborghini on the market, but also because it is an SUV. And today’s market loves SUVs.

Financially, selling that many and such expensive cars translated into a turnover of EUR 1.42 billion, well above the EUR 1 billion reported a year before (40 percent increase).

“This quantum leap proves the sustainability of our product and commercial strategy,” said in a statement Stefano Domenicali, the company’s CEO.

“All this is a real team achievement, and I would like to thank Lamborghini staff globally for their inspired dedication to our longstanding brand and traditions, and our shareholders for their trust and support.”

To support the increased production needed last year and believing the months ahead will be equally as lucrative, Lamborghini added 10 percent more people to its workforce, which now comprises a total of 1,750 employees.

Lamborghini’s product offensive for this year started at the Geneva Motor Show last week, with the launch of the Aventador SJV Roadster. To become available for customers later this year, the model will sell from $573,966. Only 800 units of the car will be produced. Want to buy a Lamborghini but don’t have the budget? Check out replicas at sites like AmericanListed.

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