Leaked Toyota Product Plan Might Show Seven New Models, Turbo 86 and Tundra for 2021

Leaked Toyota Product Plan Might Show Seven New Models, Turbo 86 and Tundra for 2021

Whoops. An alleged slide from a recent Toyota dealer conference has leaked, revealing everything from new sports cars to hybrid trucks and minivans.

The image comes to us via GR86.org, though seems to have originated on the AllCarNews Instagram page. There’s a lot more info there, including alleged info on most of the upcoming Toyota and Lexus debuts for the next three years. There’s a lot to unpack here, so stick with us.

If the leak is accurate, new Toyota Sienna kicks things off, with a scheduled debut during autumn of this year. According to the slide it will only be available with a hybrid drivetrain, a bold but arguably logical move for the big people-mover. Whether it retains all-wheel drive is unknown. The refreshed 2021 Chrysler Pacifica, for comparison, can either come with AWD or hybrid power, but not both. We drove the Sienna earlier this year and while it’s plenty practical, we deemed it overdue for a refresh. During this same time period, Toyota will launch an all-new, all-hybrid crossover. This could be the Yaris-based crossover originally meant to debut in Geneva this month (before the auto show was cancelled).

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Leaked Toyota Product Plan Might Show Seven New Models, Turbo 86 and Tundra for 2021

Enthusiasts will no doubt zero in on the new 86, which Toyota has allegedly pencilled in for summer 2021. It will get a name change to GR86, to further promote Toyota’s Gazoo Racing sub-brand. The good news is that the basic recipe shouldn’t change too much: it’ll still be a small, reasonably-priced coupe sending power out back. Fans of high-revving, naturally-aspirated engines may be less happy, however: the rumor mill suggests a 2.4-liter turbo unit, larger than the one in the 2021 Supra four-cylinder, will be the new normal. Bring on the Greaty-Six.

The slide shows a new CUV in 2021; strangely, not just “crossover” like the 2020 addition. ACN says there will be a Corolla crossover and the return of the Venza nameplate that year, which suggests one of them is this.

2021 will wrap with the long-overdue new Toyota Tundra. The Japanese automaker’s big rig is set for a dramatic change, riding on a new TNGA-F chassis. It will also drop the V8 completely in favor of a twin-turbo, hybrid V6. Moreover, the 4Runner and Sequoia will now share this same platform, debuting a year later. According to ACN, a new Tacoma will follow all this in 2024, though it isn’t present in the leaked image.

Leaked Toyota Product Plan Might Show Seven New Models, Turbo 86 and Tundra for 2021

Over at luxury brand Lexus, almost all of the lineup will see a facelift or new model within the next 36 months. The long-rumored LC-F will arrive for 2022, with a powerful twin-turbo V8 to match its stunning looks. If you want eight cylinders in any Lexus moving forward, you’ll need to pony up at least $90,000.

Lexus will treat both the full-size LS and mid-size ES to facelifts the same year. The unloved GS will die, gaining a replacement in the form of an L-badged version of the attractive, rear-drive Toyota Mirai hydrogen car. The new IS sports sedan will arrive in 2021, with rumors suggesting it will adopt the Supra’s BMW-sourced inline-six turbo powerplant. That brings the car full circle to its original job of 3 Series fighter.

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Of course, the Lexus crossover lineup will see lots of activity too. Up first is the next generation of the compact NX. ACN suggests there will be a 14-inch touchscreen and no less than five powertrains (up from the current two). The RX will soldier on until 2023. Most ambitious is the LX: it will allegedly morph into a high-end Bentley Bentayga fighter with a twin-turbo V6 hybrid drivetrain. Its Toyota sibling, the Land Cruiser, will apparently go in the other direction, becoming more of a stripped-out model for “hardcore off roading.” Think Toyota’s current TRD Pro lineup.

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It’s important to note that even if the leak comes from a dealer meeting, it should still be taken with a grain of salt. Much of it aligns with rumors or even confirmed information, but the ongoing coronavirus pandemic could alter any of the timelines. We’ve reached out to Toyota for comment.

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