New Ferrari F173 Teased With J50, SP38 Styling Influences

New Ferrari F173 Teased With J50, SP38 Styling Influences
We’re “almost there. One day to go” until Ferrari pulls the veil off the F173, a hybrid supercar that promises 1,000 PS from a twin-turbo V8 and up to three electric motors.
New Ferrari F173 Teased With J50, SP38 Styling Influences
The LaFerrari is no longer king of the hill, not because the Prancing Horse produced the plug-in hybrid hypercar in limited numbers. The F173 develops 986 horsepower as opposed to 950 horsepower in the LaFerrari, making the newcomer the most powerful road-going Ferrari ever.

It’s hard to tell how the F173 looks like from the video published by Maranello on social media, but the front fascia features obvious influences from the J50. The one-off with 488 Spider underpinnings also has a similar decklid spoiler and third brake light to the F173, but the headlights and taillights differ a lot.

The stylistic departure from the 488 series and F8 Tributo continues with the dual exhaust system, and chances are Ferrari has something special in store for the interior as well. An EV driving mode? We wouldn’t hold our breath for that kind of eco-friendly credential from the Prancing Horse, not after the precedent set by the LaFerrari.

Influences from the SP38 are also noticeable, and the teaser further confirms carbon fiber for the braking system. If the rumors turn out to be true, where would those three electric motors be located? Acura utilizes two at the front axle of the NSX and a direct drive for the rear axle, translating to all-wheel drive.

This gets us to the GTC4Lusso that employs a secondary gearbox to drive the front wheels in addition to the dual-clutch transmission. If the F173 mirrors the layout of the NSX, then Ferrari could upgrade the 4RM system in the successor of the GTC4Lusso as well.

4 Ruote Motrici can trace its roots back to 1987, the year Ferrari introduced hydraulic four-wheel drive to a 328-derived concept. Only two examples of the breed were ever made, and the second can be admired at the Galleria Ferrari in Maranello.

4RM with electric motors instead of a gearbox could make it into the Purosange as well, the Italian company’s first-ever SUV. The Ferrari utility vehicle is expected to premiere towards the end of 2021, a few months before customer deliveries kick off in early 2022.

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