New Forza Motorsport Trailer Teases Next-Generation Xbox Racer

New Forza Motorsport Trailer Teases Next-Generation Xbox Racer

Our first look at the reborn  hints at a truly next-gen experience for the 15-year-old franchise.

Xbox on Thursday held a virtual game conference to showcase a raft of titles coming to its Xbox Series X console. With it was a brief glimpse at the latest Forza game, titled simply .

There wasn’t much to go off of, as the teaser was barely a minute in length. The title is a hint of a back-to-basics approach, dropping the numbered approach last seen with 2017’s . The trailer showed a racing team prepping the wild Apollo Intensa Emozione supercar for an assault on Laguna Seca. A Mazda-Lola B12/80 and BAC Mono also make brief appearances.

Forza has long been a technical showcase for the Xbox brand. That looks set to continue, as developer Turn 10 confirmed the new title would run at a full 4K resolution at 60 fps. The game engine will also utilize ray tracing, which makes for much more realistic visuals.

There was no word of a release date with today’s showcase. There was a hint however, and it suggests there’s quite a wait left.  will be available on Xbox Series X and PC—but not the current Xbox One family. Microsoft has already said that the first year of the Series X would feature cross-generation support, which suggests  won’t touch down until at least late 2021.

For now then, it looks like Forza will be arriving closer to its erstwhile competition, —also without a release date—than next month’s . We’ll report more as Turn 10 reveals it.

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