Nico Rosberg Shocks F1 with Retirement Announcement

Nico Rosberg Shocks F1 with Retirement Announcement

Nico Rosberg, who just became F1 champion for the first time, has announced his retirement from the racing league. 

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Rosberg made the announcement during the prize giving ceremony in Vienna, less than a week after he clinched his first F1 title. Based on his statement, it seems Rosberg wants to leave F1 on top. “I have climbed my mountain, I am on the peak, so this feels right,” said Rosberg.

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Over his career, Rosberg racked up 23 race wins, 30 pole positions, 20 fastest lap records and one world title.

In a statement posted to his Facebook page, Rosberg called his last F1 race in Abu Dhabi “most intense 55 laps of my life,” partly because the race was mired in controversy over his Mercedes-AMG teammate Lewis Hamilton slowing down the pace to try and help other racers pass Rosberg.

“My proudest achievement in racing will always be to have won the world championship with this incredible team of people, the Silver Arrows,” said Rosberg. “Now, I’m just here to enjoy the moment. There is time to savour the next weeks, to reflect on the season and to enjoy every experience that comes my way. After that, I will turn the next corner in my life and see what it has in store for me…”

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