Nissan Leaf Autech Is Exclusive To Japan

Nissan Leaf Autech Is Exclusive To Japan
Available with two battery options, the Leaf is the best-selling electric vehicle out there. But as opposed to Tesla, Nissan doesn’t have an exciting EV, something that could keep up with the blistering acceleration of the Ludicrous Plus driving mode of the Model S Performance.
Nissan Leaf Autech Is Exclusive To Japan
Be that as it may, Nissan can work its magic in terms of exterior design as far as the Leaf is concerned. With the help of the Autech subsidiary from Chigasaki-shi, the Japanese EV can look like the car in the photo gallery for ‎¥3,931,200. That’s $35,610 at current exchange rates including the donor vehicle, which is 687,960 more yen (6,295 more dollars) than standard.

There’s even a Leaf Nismo available in the Land of the Rising Sun, starting at ¥4,032,720 ($36,530). Turning our attention back to Autech, the Leaf in this flavor is the fourth model in the range after the Note, X-Trail, and Serena. The first detail that captures one’s attention is the Aurora Flare Blue Pearl exterior paint, but customers can also opt for yellow, red, black, or white.

Metallic trim on the side sills, bumpers, and front grille is also included, along with LED daytime running lights integrated into the side intakes of the front bumper, electric side mirrors, and 17-inch alloy wheels. The choice of tires shouldn’t surprise anyone at 215/50, and as you’d expect, the Leaf Autech doesn’t feature any go-faster improvements over the bone-stock model.

Stepping inside the car, you’re presented with double stitching in blue, fake rosewood here and there, embossed lettering in the front seatbacks, the Autech logo in the center cluster, and a two-tone color combination. The black-and-blue environment is complemented by leatherette on the steering wheel, dashboard, door panels, and seats.

Manufactured at three facilities in Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom, the second generation of the Leaf entered production in October 2017 for the 2018 model year. The most affordable configuration is $29,990 in the United States or as low as $22,490 including the federal tax credit from the U.S. government for plug-in vehicles. Stepping up to the S Plus with the 62-kWh battery levels up the pricing to $36,550 before destination.

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