Old Audi RS5 Coupe Gets Duracell Battery Makeover

Old Audi RS5 Coupe Gets Duracell Battery Makeover
The Audi A5 is a good example of a car that's more than the sum of its parts. It's not particularly fast nor does it have the flashiness of an Italian 2-door. But there's a certain timeless quality.
Old Audi RS5 Coupe Gets Duracell Battery Makeover
The original model came out back in 2007 and was penned by Walter de Silva, a man who's deeply connected to Audi's Sportback look, but also several VW projects. And it's been the darling of the tuning scene ever since.

With a brand new A5 generation available for several years now, the classic has largely been forgotten. But many loyal owners like to give their beloved a makeover whenever they can afford one. And with the Worthersee festivities happening, projects are popping up all over the place.

This one is so new that we only have a couple of photos. The details aren't too clear either, as the model isn't properly tagged and its features are confusing. For example, the front bumper indicates an RS5. Those rocker panels wouldn't be fitted to the A5 or even the S5. But there's something off in other places.

What's the difference? The RS5 is powered by the super-cool but relatively unreliable 4.2-liter V8, the S5 has a supercharged V6 and the A5… lots of things that aren't as interesting.

But a makeover is a makeover. In this situation, the coupe has been made to look like a Duracell battery, copper on one end and black at the other. I can't imagine the owner asking Duracell for the rights to that logo, but at the end of the day, this is free advertising.

Like any good VW Group tuning project, it's got to have air ride suspension and really expensive wheels. We don't know the specific brand of alloy. What's important is that they are also copper and black.

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