Own a Truck and Trailer? You’ll Need These Accessories

Own a Truck and Trailer? You’ll Need These Accessories

Towing takes a lot of equipment. Whether you’re using dump trailers or a triple axle fifth-wheel, there are a ton of accessories that come along with a towable that all work together to make the job safe and secure.

Things like locks, tools and cotter pins all must enter your lexicon when you prepare to tow. This doesn’t even touch on the trailer itself, which needs to be maintained.

These are some of our favorite accessories for those preparing to pull a trailer.


Own a Truck and Trailer? You'll Need These Accessories

A good set of locks can are crucial for making sure whatever it is you’re hauling is locked down. You also want to protect your towing equipment.

For your actual hitch, a set pin locks, like these, will make sure your equipment is safe.

For keeping trailers safe, a wheel lock or a coupler lock will both work, and each has pros and cons. For ease of use, I prefer a coupler setup, although in the wheel lock’s defense, it is the safest, as the trailer simply won’t move now matter how it is pulled.


Own a Truck and Trailer? You'll Need These Accessories

It might seem obvious, but getting a proper hitch is the first step for safe towing. I prefer a hitch with some adjustability, as it makes it easier to tow multiple trailers with little effort. This tri-ball hitch from B&W trailer hitches makes it easy to adjust your hitch to whatever set of characteristics you need. The height and hitch-ball size can both be changed quickly, while a special stow mode allows you to tuck the ball away.

If you only have one trailer to pull, a fixed tow-bar will work fine, just make sure it is the right height so that the trailer sits nice and flat on the back of the truck.

Weight Distributing Hitch

Own a Truck and Trailer? You'll Need These Accessories

Many heavy trailers will come with the proper equipment to accommodate a weight distributing hitch straight from the factory, but for those without, getting an aftermarket unit can be important for keeping you and your trailer safe. A weight distributing hitch helps to spread the weight of the trailer around the tow vehicle, improving driving dynamics.

There is some installation required as you can see in this kit, but if your trailer weighs at least half of what your tow vehicle weighs, this type of hitch will make your rig safer and more comfortable to drive.

Backup Camera

Own a Truck and Trailer? You'll Need These Accessories

If your tow vehicle isn’t equipped with a backup camera from the factory, outfitting one will make your life easier. Backing into a trailer becomes much easier when you can watch the hitch from the front seat.

Most of these cameras you install yourself, instantly making trailering simpler. Having eyes on the hitch as you back up is also helpful to avoid jack-knifing.

Airbag Suspension

Own a Truck and Trailer? You'll Need These Accessories

There is a reason that big rigs use airbag suspensions: they can improve capability. So if you’re looking to up the towing ante with your vehicle, an air suspension kit could be the answer. Airbags also help with ride quality, smoothing out the road underneath your pickup.

Airbags are able to stiffen up and lift the back-end of the vehicle to compensate for the trailer’s tongue weight. This keeps everything flat, stable and safe.

In-Bed Storage

Own a Truck and Trailer? You'll Need These Accessories

Having a trailer, whether it be a boat, a load of dirt or a thoroughbred horse, means having equipment like tie-downs, pins, locks and more. Having in-bed storage can be massively helpful in giving you a spot to store all that comes along with trailers.

There are plenty of options these days for truck-bed storage, from classic tool boxes up to neat drawer systems.

Tonneau Cover

Own a Truck and Trailer? You'll Need These Accessories

Having a covered place to store the extras that generally come along with a trailer is also important. For your ATVs, you’ll need a spot for muddy boots, while boaters need space for life jackets and buoys.

You can go with a hard top cover if you want maximum security or you can go with a soft cover if you want easy access to your entire bed.


Because there are so many different connections out there, rolling with the proper adapters can save you from being stuck with a trailer you can’t tow. First, there are light hook up adapters, taking the connections from 7- to 4-pin or vice versa.

There are also adapters for different sized hitch receivers, an extra that can come in handy when you have to tow something that doesn’t fit with your hitch.

Trailer wheels

A little extra dash of style never hurt, and a nice set of wheels on a trailer can really make a rig look good. Matching wheels with the tow vehicle is one way to get a clean look, while some nice chrome rollers look good under your travel trailer.

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