Photo Comparison: 2020 BMW 1 Series vs. 2017 BMW 1 Series

Photo Comparison: 2020 BMW 1 Series vs. 2017 BMW 1 Series
In the last week of May 2019, German carmaker BMW pulled the wraps off the third generation 1 Series hatchback, a version of the model that brings the biggest changes ever implemented in the range.
Photo Comparison: 2020 BMW 1 Series vs. 2017 BMW 1 Series
Technically, the new Bimmer hatch is much more advanced compared to what came before, the biggest change of them all being the deployment, for the first time, of a front-wheel-drive architecture that took the better part of five years to develop.

Technicalities aside though, the 2020 1 Series brings with it changes so vast in terms of design, when compared to the 2017 facelift, we thought we’d give you a better look at the differences by putting the two cars side by side.

At the front, just as is the case everywhere else, there’s no mistaking the two. The 2020 variant is instantly recognizable thanks to the deployment of the larger kidney grille that merges in the middle, just as on all other modern BMWs.

The headlights are now more angled and sit above an extensively redesigned front bumper.

From the side, the entire stance of the car has changed. The longer front overhang give a new dimension to the car's shark nose, enhanced by the narrower window line at the rear and the more sculpted lines.

The rear ends seem as they belong to two different car makes. The 2020 1 Series has a broad-set lower section, totally reinterpreted full-LED rear lights in LED design and a slim light element that extends further into the hatch, all making for a much more appealing look.

On the inside, the shape of the instrument cluster has changed as well – as did the way in which info is displayed – and the center touchscreen has been brought closer toward the driver to form a seemingly uninterrupted dashboard.

The first public appearance of the new 1 Series will take place on June 25 on the new BMW Group #NEXTGen presentation platform at BMW Welt in Munich.

The car will go on sale by the end of the year.

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