Royal Weddings Cars and Carriages

Royal Weddings Cars and Carriages

Before getting to their reception in Windsor, the couple will have to take a short trip as part of the procession which will transport the two to St. George’s Chapel at the Windsor Castle. So that the subjects can get a clearer look at the bride and groom, the two have chosen to be driven in an open-top Ascot Landau carriage.

By definition, royal weddings journeys are made in carriages. Seldom such events have unfolded on London’s streets in cars.

What’s more, such events do not allow for purpose-built cars to be made for the occasion. When cars were used for wedding processions, they were taken from the royal garages. Aston Martin DB6 Volante
The wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton took place on 29 April 2011. At the time the prince used a blue two-seater Aston Martin DB6 Volante to drive his new wife back from Westminster Abbey to Clarence House, at the time his official residence.

The car belonged to William’s mother, who in turn got it as a Groomsmen Proposal gift from his wife, the Queen, on the occasion of his 21st birthday.

For the wedding, the car’s license plate was changed with a plaque which read “Just Wed.” Red, white and blue ribbons were tied to the bonnet, while at the back trailed heart-shaped balloons and others adorned with the letters “W” and “C.”

The car was converted by prince Charles in 2008 to run on bioethanol instead of regular fuel. The bioethanol was obtained by distilling excess wine produced near the Prince’s Highgrove Estate.

Royal Weddings Cars and Carriages The 1902 State Landau Carriage

The most recent royal couple, William and Kate, didn’t take advantage of the Aston Martin alone during their wedding. They also made use of an over a century-old gold-trimmed royal carriage, called the 1902 Ascot State Landau. This is the one which will be used by the coupled getting hitched on May 19.

The Landau, of which five are in the care of the royal mews, is an open-top carriage drawn by six horses. It was built for King Edward VII in 1902 to be used at his coronation and has since become the vehicle of choice for Britain’s monarchs at times of national celebration and weddings.

The State Landau was also used by Princess Diana when she married Prince Charles, as well as by Sarah Ferguson when shed wed the Duke of York, Prince Andrew. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was also transported in the Landau on the way to her wedding in 1923, as were Princess Alexandra in 1963, and Princess Anne in 1973.The Irish State Coach
If the weather does not permit the use of the open-top Landau, the protagonists of various royal events are traveling in another carriage, called the Irish State Coach.

This is an enclosed carriage, drawn by four horses. It was built in 1851 by John Hutton & Sons and became Queen Victoria’s state carriage of choice from 1861.

The Irish coach was used during the wedding of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, to the current Queen of England, Elizabeth.

Royal Weddings Cars and Carriages Rolls Royce Phantom VI

There are two Rolls Royce Phantom VI owned by Queen Elizabeth. One is called the Silver Jubilee Car, and it was purpose-built by Rolls-Royce to celebrate the Queen’s 25th anniversary on the throne, while the other is a conventional 1986 model.

These cars have not been used for wedding procession, but have been deployed on several occasions. When transporting the Queen, the Phantoms drop the Spirit of Ecstasy emblem in favor of a custom-made solid silver model of St George slaying the dragon, the Queen’s symbol.Bentley State Limousine
In 2002, the Queen celebrated the 50th anniversary of the ascension to the throne. For the occasion, Bentley presented her with the Bentley State Limousine, based on the regular Arnage R. The car is used on official engagements but has not been used during wedding processions.

Just like in the case of the Phantom’s, the Flying B bonnet ornament is replaced by a representation of St George slaying the dragon. There are two such cars in the Royal garages, each evaluated at 10 million pounds ($13,4 million).

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