Safety on American Roads – The Safest States In The USA And The Most Dangerous

Safety on American Roads – The Safest States In The USA And The Most Dangerous

America’s road network is vast, but not all drives are completed with a happy end. Some drivers or passengers never reach their destination alive, while others get their cars destroyed in horrific accidents.

Safety on American Roads - The Safest States In The USA And The Most Dangerous

Unfortunately, this article does not hold the secret to stopping car accidents from happening, but we want to draw an alarm for the drivers and passengers that roam some of America’s streets and provide information about resolving a car accident situation.

As we explained in the title, some places in the U.S. are safer than others to drive a vehicle through them, while others are more dangerous than checking a live electrical wire with bare metal tools.

Just last year, approximately 38,300 people died on American roads, and another 4.4 million humans were seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents. Check out for more. If you plan to file a a suit, you would need to consult accident attorneys for some legal advice to know your options.

The makers of a piece of research that went through two decades of car accidents contacted us to make their work known to the world. This is a bid for safer roads, which relies on the drivers and pedestrians of America (and the world, if we are at it) to be more cautious when they are on the road. Every single time, and every single moment. When it comes to DUI cases the lawyers from can help with these cases.

After going through 77,000 fatal accident records over the last 20 years, all made by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in its Fatality Analysis Reporting System, we can now view a list of the most dangerous counties and states in the USA.

America’s deadliest counties in the last 20 years

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Safety on American Roads - The Safest States In The USA And The Most Dangerous

A map of America’s most dangerous counties in the last two decades is something incredibly tricky to make, but somebody has created it. Apparently, the most dangerous country in the USA in the past 20 years was La Paz Country, which is located in Arizona.

If we look at the map, the said place is not in a dangerous area per se, but it had the most fatalities of any county that constantly had over 10,000 residents in the last 20 years. The second most dangerous place is Tunica County, in Missouri. It is located in a hot spot for dangerous driving, if we observe the map.

The third most dangerous country in the USA is Lowndes County, Alabama. As the makers of the research explain, these counties had the biggest rate of fatal accidents per 10,000 residents out of all the counties that have more residents than the specified number, according to the U.S. Census and the NHTSA Fatality Analysis Reporting System.

The Safest Counties in the USA in the last 20 years

Safety on American Roads - The Safest States In The USA And The Most Dangerous

According to the same research, Arlington County is the safest one in the USA in the last 20 years. The county from Virginia is followed by the Bethel Census Area from Alaska, which is located west of Anchorage. Broomfield County, Colorado occupies the third place.

You might say that the three counties listed above are the safest in the U.S. in the last two decades because some of them are somewhat remote, and that they do not have a large population.

However, all of them have over 10,000 registered residents. The list also includes the Bronx County in New York, which is in fourth place. That means that safety is not restricted to secluded areas.

The fifth position is held by the New York County in New York, followed by Kings County, which is located in the same state. The deadliest counties have all been on last year’s list, but the five safest ones in 2014 were not the same for last year’s survey.

How bad is it?

Safety on American Roads - The Safest States In The USA And The Most Dangerous

Well, if we look at traffic accident fatalities for every 10,000 residents in American counties, areas with less than 10,000 people registered there do not have an exceptional position. Instead, some of the places you might have never heard about have a concerning rate of annual fatalities for every 10,000 residents.

The worst offender is Kiowa County, Colorado, with 351.4 traffic accident fatalities for every 10,000 inhabitants, according to the most recent year of available data. The second place is held by Keweenaw County, Missouri, with 278.4 traffic fatalities. Third place is Terrell County, Texas, with 276.9 road deaths for every 10,000 people.

You do not have to be an authority in statistics to see that 300 deaths a year in traffic accidents for every 10,000 residents is an alarming value. This can only be stopped if people start to buckle up before every drive, never get behind the wheel after drinking, and respect the speed limit every single time. That is not so hard, right?

The deadliest and safest states in the USA

Safety on American Roads - The Safest States In The USA And The Most Dangerous

After counties, the research involved compiling data at a state-wide level for the entire country. The scale ranged from 11.36 fatal crashes for every 10,000 residents, to 47.34 deadly crashes/10,000 people. When compared to the most dangerous counties, the situation is apparently not that worrisome.

However, just think about the numbers. The study refers to 10,000 residents of a state, not a county. Any given state will have more groups of 10,000 residents than any county.

This means that the numbers are going to be smaller on a state level than on a county level only because you look at statistics for fatal accidents for every 10,000 inhabitants. The reality is that the actual number of fatalities is worse than it appears in this kind of statistic, because they add up.

The least safe state in the USA is Mississippi. It is followed by Wyoming, Montana, Alabama, and South Carolina. They are all placed in the “most dangerous” category if we look at the colors on the map. Meanwhile, the safest states are Massachusetts, the District of Columbia, New York, Rhode Island, and New Jersey.

Remember that these statistics only apply to fatal traffic accidents, and that the entire data (unless specified otherwise) is centralized for two decades. The makers of the study also remind us that Southern and Western states typically enforce higher top speeds, while their correspondents in the Northeast allow something between 55 and 65 mph on interstates.

The real problem comes with places that have long stretches of two-lane roads, which are lightly patrolled for cost-effective reasons. Those described conditions can be among the causes that make people think that they can go faster than the speed limit, and they get surprised by emergency situations and end up crashing and increasing the number of road fatalities.

What can you learn from this?
There is always something that can be acquired from following statistics regarding fatal accidents. In the case of vehicles, it is wise to see what were the determined causes of accidents in most of the fatal crashes in a given area. Most probably involve speeding, as well as running red lights or not giving way when it is due.

The moral of this article is to bite what you can chew, and only drive within your ability, while also considering road conditions, possible and unforeseen hazards, as well as the technical condition of your vehicle (brakes, suspension, tires, steering, lights, etc.).

Always remember that even the hypothetical “best car in the world” can be crashed if it is driven recklessly, and the same can be said about going fast where and when you should not.

The main thing about these accidents is that most of them, if not all, could have been avoided. Just like the deaths of people who do not receive proper healthcare or vaccines in time, the same can be said about road fatalities. People need to stop getting killed while driving from A to B, and this needs to happen as soon as possible.

Do your part — drive safe every day, buckle up every time you ride in a car, and never let friends or acquaintances drive after drinking. Do not drive tired, and make sure you drive at a speed that allows you to stop safely within a reasonable distance. Call a legal professional immediately in the event that you get involved in a road accident, learn more at Hale Law, P.A. website. A car accident lawyer can help you prepare all the necessary documents in filing a claim while you focus on your injury treatment. Apart from the insurance claim, you may also qualify for social security disability benefits if you are unable to work due to serious injuries.

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