SEAT Leon Gets Golf 6 GTI and R Front Bumpers, Looks Weird

SEAT Leon Gets Golf 6 GTI and R Front Bumpers, Looks Weird
"Frontumbau" is a German word that translates to "front end remodeling." We may have stumbled upon the automotive equivalent of the liger and beefalo here, as the SEAT Leon just looks unnatural with elements from its Volkswagen Golf cousin.

SEAT Leon Gets Golf 6 GTI and R Front Bumpers, Looks Weird

A few days ago, we talked about a VW Eos fitted with a Scirocco face. We know of at least three such projects in Europe. In all cases, it includes the hood, fenders, and lights. But here, the old SEAT Leon only receives the "mouth" of the Golf.

In both cases, the cars are iconic but old. The Leon in question is the Mk2, also known as the 1P. It went out of production in 2012 and was famous for its horrible interior, rounded exterior, and hidden rear door handles. Meanwhile, the Golf 6 is represented by both the 211 HP GTI model and the more powerful R, the 6th generation being the one that switched to a 2-liter turbo. It too went out of production in 2012, when the MQB platform came out.

The Leon 2 had the same engines, installed on the FR and Cupra models, respectively. Most people buy one or the other, the Golf for its resale value and the Leon for its lightness and affordability. But these creative owners decided to have both, and the outcome is neither cheap to make nor valuable. If you're crazy for this setup, know that German auto shop Lakeside Cars may be the only place to go.

Because of the narrow, streamlined nose of the Leon, the Golf bumpers are totally mismatched, despite the two hatchbacks having basically the same general proportions. But if we had to pick, we'd say the GTI infusion is both the best installed and the ugliest.

As is usually the case with Volkswagen custom projects, air ride suspension and shiny custom wheels have also been fitted. We've got a variety of other mods, such as new brakes, bucket seats, and a roll cage.

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