Skoda Kodiaq RS Gets Fake V8 Exhaust Sound

Skoda Kodiaq RS Gets Fake V8 Exhaust Sound
The Skoda Kodiaq RS is the performance crossover equivalent of a "world's okayest dad" shirt. It doesn't belong in the same company as the Porsche Cayenne Turbo or even the Macan, but we still think it's interesting.
Skoda Kodiaq RS Gets Fake V8 Exhaust Sound
It used to be the case that the Octavia RS was all the car you ever needed – big, fast and economical. But people want SUVs, and Skoda decided to stick the RS badge on the back of its big 3-row model, the Kodiaq.

But the Czech automaker didn't want to sell a fuel-gobbling monster, so instead, it opted for the 2.0 BiTDI, which had already been adapted for a number of large MQB vehicles, like the Passat, Tiguan, and Superb.

Now, four-cylinder diesel engines don't sound particularly sporty, even if they've had two turbochargers. But because it wanted to charge at least €50,000 for one of these things, Skoda could afford to install its first active sound system. Normally, this works in only one drive mode and covers the exhaust up with some artificial sounds.

However, these sound like nothing in particular, so a German specialist company by the name of Cete Automotive GmbH decided to offer an alternative. They've remapped the sound generator to mimic a V8, complete with exhaust burbles and pops when you lift off. It even sounds different, depending on whether you're in comfort, normal or sport, and can be switched by to the factory setting with a simple double-tap of the ESC button.

Normally, we'd be slightly critical of active sound systems, but this is just an adaptation of a factory component, so it's probably cheaper. Are people going to be fooled by V8 sounds from a Skoda? Some might.

In a recent UK review, we saw how the right exhaust pipe on the RS crossover is actually fake, while the 0 to 60mph sprint time was measured at 6.7 seconds. So make sure to check that out before you leave.

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