Sleek Audi R8 Rendering Looks Like a Futuristic Electric Hypercar

Sleek Audi R8 Rendering Looks Like a Futuristic Electric Hypercar
The future of the Audi R8 is not in doubt… because it doesn't have one at all. But there's no way that Audi is completely giving out on the idea of a halo sports car, not when it's given Marvel all that cameo money.

Sleek Audi R8 Rendering Looks Like a Futuristic Electric Hypercar

We're actually quite happy that the R8 got two generations, which gave of over a decade of Le Mans prototype performance for the road. But what's next? Electricity, probably.

The e-tron family needs an attention-grabbing flagship model. And while the 600 horsepower four-door coupe they have lined up may be enough, Audi is also thinking about something that looks mid-engined, having teased the idea with a powerful EV concept.

The can't just call it the R8 e-tron. I mean, they can, and they did, but it didn't work. And because "PB18 e-tron" doesn't stick, we decided to play with your imagination and propose an independent concept design.

Rain Prisk created this red rooster he describes as "a more expensive alternative to an Audi R8." It looks very sharp, at the same time reminding us of every other hypercar and supercar without sharing anything in particular.

The overall silhouette is a bit like the Rimac electric supercar, with Ferrari-pike spoilers and NSX-inspired angular design. In fact, Rain specializes in this kind of shapes, and if you don't believe us, just check out the equally low future CLK GTR or his J50-inspired Ferrari in the photo gallery.
Gasoline engines will eventually be banned or we'll run out of fuel for them. But people will never stop loving supercars. They're the ultimate expression of design, performance, and excess.

Tesla really changed the game with its super-fast P100D setup. However, its designs haven't been as successful. Meanwhile, Porsche's Taycan promises to be a driver's car and a looker, but critics point the finger at its battery technology. So where do you guys think the first bing thing in plug-in supercars will come from?

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