Slow Sales Prompt Acura To Discount 2019 NSX By $20,000

Slow Sales Prompt Acura To Discount 2019 NSX By $20,000
If you take a look at the NSX on the Acura website, the mid-engine supercar with three electric motors and a twin-turbo V6 retails at $157,500 plus $1,800 for the destination charge. But a bare-bones NSX starts at $139,300 if you’re lucky enough to qualify for the $20,000 discount that Acura doesn’t advertise.

Slow Sales Prompt Acura To Discount 2019 NSX By $20,000

Let that sink in for a moment, then try to think about a similar vehicle at $139,300. Given the price tag of the 911 Carrera S, the NSX makes more sense than ever before. Better still, you can also negotiate with the dealership to further bring the price down.

“The discount only applies to 2019 model year cars” according to Autoblog, and that’s somewhat confusing. For starters, the NSX has been improved for 2019 with $4,700 worth of standard features, an orange finish for the exterior, and larger stabilizer bars up front and at the rear. When was the last time you’ve heard an automaker discount a supercar by that amount of greenback?

It’s no mystery, though. Acura is trying hard to push the NSX out of the showroom. 2018 sales in the United States tally 170 units as opposed to 581 in 2017, and so far this year, the volume hasn’t improved. At this pace, the second generation won’t catch up to the original that totals more than 18,000 examples sold over the course of 15 years all around the world under both Acura and Honda.

The problem with the NSX stems from the countless rumors and overoptimistic promises of the automaker. Even at the 2015 North American International Auto Show debut in Detroit, the Ford Motor Company stole the show by revealing the Shelby GT350, F-150 Raptor, and GT supercar. In other words, too much hype and too little substance.

Thanks to all-wheel drive and hybrid assistance, the NSX develops 573 horsepower and 476 pound-feet of torque. Zero to 62 mph comes in 2.9 seconds, and top speed is rated at 191 mph.

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