The Winners and Losers of Every Single Car Ad from the 2016 Super Bowl

The Winners and Losers of Every Single Car Ad from the 2016 Super Bowl

In this year’s Super Bowl 50 ads, we saw everything from singing sheep, vegan bears, and even a few sentimental commercials that hit us in the feels.

The Broncos ended up winning 24-10 over the Panthers, but even if you don’t care about sports, the ads were enough to keep you entertained.

Here are our picks for the best and worst car commercials of Super Bowl 50:

WINNER: Jeep – ‘Portraits’

Tugs at our heart strings, really zones in on Jeep’s historical importance in the military, and makes us feel patriotic. A poignant and effective spot.

WINNER: Toyota ‘Heck on Wheels’ and ‘The Longest Chase’

Toyota doesn’t take itself too seriously and these ads are cheeky. Plus, the song is kind of catchy.

WINNER: Audi – ‘Commander’

Another sentimental one with a great story, but we mostly like this because of the well-timed use of a great David Bowie track.

WINNER: MINI – ‘#DefyLabels’

Great use of diverse celebrities, and it has a solid message. The individual ads are better than the one that actually aired during the game.

Watch the whole series here:

NOT BAD: Kia – ‘Walken Closet’

Great use of a celebrity, but definitely scores 10/10 on the weirdness scale. And don’t you feel awful if you actually wear beige socks?

NOT BAD: Jeep – ‘4x4ever’

It makes you want to join the Jeep club, but this ad doesn’t have as much punch as the “Portraits” one.

NOT BAD: Hyundai – ‘First Date’

Kevin Hart owns this commercial. It also shows off a pretty neat feature of the car. Plus, everyone loves a crazy stalker/overprotective dad.

NOT BAD: Hyundai – ‘Ryanville’

Again, does a good job of showing off one of the car’s most important features.

NOT BAD: Hyundai – ‘The Chase’

The last few seconds are funny, but the spot shows off in a clever way one of the new Elantra’s neat features.

NOT BAD: Honda – ‘A New Truck to Love’

Singing sheep. Queen. That is all.

NOT BAD: Subaru – ‘Dog Tested’

Honestly, I love animals. The cat in this Subaru spot seals the deal for me.

LOSER: Acura – ‘What He Said’

Kind of underwhelming, but maybe it’s because a lot of the excitement over the NSX has died down. Just give us the car already!

LOSER: Hyundai – ‘Better’

This one is strangely creepy and unsettling. But most importantly, just not that entertaining.

LOSER: Buick – ‘The Big Game Meets The Big Day’

This one is just forgettable. And, to be honest, absolutely no one would be surprised that the Cascada is a Buick. This is an unfortunate TV ad because Buick had a big chance to do something cool instead of play out the whole “This isn’t your grandfather’s Buick” thing.

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