There Are Now 20,000 McLaren Cars on Public Roads

There Are Now 20,000 McLaren Cars on Public Roads
This past weekend, British carmaker McLaren celebrated the production of a right-hand drive 600LT Spider in Chicane Grey. And not just any 600LT Spider, but an important milestone in the company's history, the 20,000th McLaren car ever to be assembled at the McLaren Production Centre (MPC) in Woking, Surrey.

There Are Now 20,000 McLaren Cars on Public Roads

For a car company that was born in its current guise in 2010 and started making cars one year later – and not even mainstream cars, but for a very select niche – producing 20,000 cars in less than eight years is a great achievement. One that, says the company’s chief operating officer Jens Ludmann, is a “testament to the hard work and commitment” of the company.

McLaren, a company currently engaged in perhaps the most ambitious expansion project of its existence, currently has 2,300 people on its payroll and generated a revenue of £1.2 billion last year.

In 2018, McLaren sold a bit over 4,800 cars, an increase of 43.9 percent over 2017 or nearly 25 percent over all the vehicles it produced since the first road-going machine left the assembly lines in 2011. From 2019 onward, the company’s target is to keep up the pace and sell over 5,000 cars each year,

“While demand for our products continues to grow, we aim to balance that to maintain exclusivity for our brand and our customers,” added McLaren’s CEO Mike Flewitt.

“It is fitting that we celebrate this achievement with a 600LT Spider, which has been a huge success for us with all production slots for the coupe variant now sold out.”

The achieve its target, the company devised a production plan it calls Track25. As per its provisions, the Brits are to launch 18 new cars by 2025, or nearly one every five months. Already the fourth model part of this plan, the new GT, is getting ready for its official unveiling in the coming weeks.

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