Tips to Get Over Motion Sickness

Tips to Get Over Motion Sickness
Try driving, not riding
Tips to Get Over Motion Sickness
Despite the wide variety of tips and trick, and even gadgets, it's likely we'll never be able to cure motion sickness. So use whatever trick works for you, in the hope that at least the symptoms are alleviated. Despite the wide variety of tips and trick, and even gadgets, it's likely we'll never be able to cure motion sickness. So use whatever trick works for you, in the hope that at least the symptoms are alleviated. s is widely considered a consequene of the modern way of life. The wide variety of transport means at our disposal, coupled with the human body misadaptation to them are often causing physical manifestations.

There is no fully accepted theory as what exactly causes motion sickness, but the generally accepted one has to do with what is known as sensory conflict.

According to this theory, motion sickness comes as a result of contradictory input received by the visual and the vestibular systems. In words we can all understand, the eyes perceive one thing and the vestibular system, responsible with one's sense of balance, another.

While riding in a car, that can be explained as follows: we all have a tendency to look out a car's window at a distance, and the objects there, depending on the speed of the car and the distance, usually seem immobile. Yet, our bodies know the car is in motion, hence the conflict.

There's a wide variety of symptoms that kick in when motion sickness rears its ugly head, and almost never are they the same from person to person. Usually, they include vertigo, dizziness, fatigue, and malaise.

In more extreme cases, motion sickness can manifest itself through nausea, gastrointestinal issues and even vomiting,

Over the years, humans have developed a set of techniques meant to combat motion sickness. Medication is also available.

Below you'll find a list of things to do when motion sickens tries to ruin your trip. Most of them require little to zero financial investment. At the bottom of the list, you'll find a brand new gadget, devised specifically for the purpose, that does cost some money but promises to be the best of all.

Tips to Get Over Motion Sickness
There are virtually zero instances when the driver of the car experiences motion sickness. Science is at a loss as to why, but there are of course a few explanations.

The first, and most accepted, is the fact that the driver's senses and organs are in sync. This is because the one behind the wheel is in control of the car, being also in control of all their senses. The driver's brain, supposedly, uses all its motor commands to make the human control the car and predict motion, hence eliminating the sensory conflict.

The second theory is related to seating position. Usually, people riding shotgun are also less prone to experience motion sickness than the ones in the back. That could be because both driver and front passenger usually keep their eyes pointing forward, in the direction of motion, compared to the ones in the back who have to look to their side. Looking forward reduces the amount of info received through the peripheral sensory receptors.Eat lightly, or don't eat
Motion sickness has been found to be made worse by food or drink intake before a trip. The consumption of heavy foods will most likely turn your stomach upside down if you're experiencing motion sickens, while caffeine and alcohol will also make matters worse.It's all about location, location, location
As said in the first paragraph, people seated in the front of the car are most likely to be spared of motion sickness. But that doesn't necessarily mean the front seat is the best for everyone.

The human body reacts differently from person to person when it comes to motion sickness, so each will have to find the best seat for them. It is recommended however that regardless of the seat, eyes are to face forward as much as possible.

Some find it comforting to lie down to combat motion sickness. Others hate moving with their backs at the direction of travel, for instance in a train or on a bus. So find the seat and position that suits you best.Drugs and pills
If nothing else works, the best solution for you is medication. There are currently tons of drugs out there, all of them affordable, purpose-made to combat the effects of motion sickness. You just have to find the one that suits you best.Seetroen
This month, a device that is hailed as the most efficient cure for motion sickness went on sale for 99 EUR. It is called Seetroen and is, in fact, a weirdly-shaped pair of glasses with no lenses and with a a ring half filled with a colored liquid.

Created by a company called Boarding Ring, together with French carmaker Citroen, Seetroen uses the liquid to trick the eyes into believing they always see a level horizon.

The glasses need to be put on as soon as symptoms kick in, and after about 10 to 12 minutes the mind starts believing the trick and they can be removed, supposedly without the symptoms returning.

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