Toyota Gazoo Racing Launches “GR Heritage Parts Project” For Mk3, Mk4 Supra

Toyota Gazoo Racing Launches “GR Heritage Parts Project” For Mk3, Mk4 Supra
Ah, the Supra! What started life as a Celica went on to become its own model in no time at all. The third and fourth generations are the most collectible, but the Supra Mk4 stands out as the poster child of the import tuning scene in the United States of America.
Toyota Gazoo Racing Launches “GR Heritage Parts Project” For Mk3, Mk4 Supra
Up to now, owners of the A70 and A80 had to source their replacement parts from Japan or the aftermarket. But Toyota took a cue from Nissan and Mazda in regard to heritage sports cars, coming up with the GR Heritage Parts Project. Gazoo Racing president Shigeki Tomoyama confirmed the news, but couldn’t go into detail about the program.

“We can not answer specific part names for the time being, but we’ll make every effort to meet expectations.”
Like Nissan and Mazda, chances are that Toyota will focus on the most sought-after parts such as the front bumper, belts, oil filters, and so forth. Even the headlamps and taillamps could be offered, along with shifter knobs, window switches, door handles, and wheels.

The A70 was introduced in 1986 at the Tahara plant in Aichi, Japan, and Toyota used the 7M-GE engine with four valves per cylinder and dual overhead cams. The 7M-GTE followed without a distributor, sporting a CT26 turbocharger to produce 232 horsepower.

The fourth generation, however, takes the cake thanks to the 2JZ with and without the twin-turbo setup. The 3.0-liter engine with six cylinders arranged in a line is notorious for being over-engineered, and these circumstances allowed the aftermarket to tune the hell out of the 2JZ.

There are road-legal examples of the breed packing in excess of 1,500 horsepower, and on the blacktop, these babies are capable of doing the quarter-mile in seven seconds. Insane numbers given the age of the vehicle, but then again, don’t forget the A80 is expensive to modify.

Toyota stopped producing the 2JZ in the 2000s, and ever since, the Japanese automaker didn’t replace the engine with another straight-six. For the A90 generation, the GR Supra relies on a 3.0-liter BMW engine that isn’t even as powerful as the B58 in the Z4 M40i.

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