Veloster N Testing Hard With DCT at the Nurburgring

Veloster N Testing Hard With DCT at the Nurburgring
Hyundai N has a German-like ability to promise something, deliver it on time and be successful. Here we have the DCT they promised two years ago. The i30 N hatchback and Veloster N coupe already did a lot for the affordable performance car market, but with twin-clutch gearboxes, their impact is going to be even bigger.

Veloster N Testing Hard With DCT at the Nurburgring

About a month ago, we showed you a video of the Veloster N with a DCT gearbox and suggested the i30 N wasn't far behind. And it seems both are already common sights at the Nurburgring track now, as fresh spy footage has become available.

Of course, you can't see the gearbox itself, but the sound a powerful 2-liter turbo makes when the twin-clutch gearbox blips it is unmistakable. You hear it on everything from an AMG to a SEAT.

Adding Hyundai to that list is not trivial. Sure, Volkswagen has been offering the DSG on its performance compacts for nearly two decades now, but other manufacturers didn't follow despite encouraging sales. The Honda Civic Type R, for all its lap records, is manual-only, as was the Focus RS. So if you wanted a fast, convenient car that's relatively affordable, it was probably going to have a Volkswagen badge somewhere. Of course, the Europeans now have a Renault alternative as of last year, soon to be joined by the Focus ST.

According to Hyundai's own statements, the DCT is developed in-house, unlike most affordable twin-clutch autos that come from Getrag. It's supposed to have eight speeds and a setup that's compatible with lots of torque (wet clutch).

The DCT should be available on both the 250 and 275 HP versions of the Veloster N and i30 N, which should be ready by the end of the year. Fingers crossed, prices won't go up too much.

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