Volkswagen Tarok Edges Closer To Reality In the U.S.

Volkswagen Tarok Edges Closer To Reality In the U.S.
Following the grand reveal in Brazil, the peeps at Volkswagen took the Tarok to the United States in order to evaluate the compact pickup truck’s potential in this part of the world. As opposed to the Tanoak and Amarok, it appears the Tarok is the most possible candidate for the United States according to the senior vice president for product marketing.

Volkswagen Tarok Edges Closer To Reality In the U.S.

“As pickups get bigger – to the stage where they are as big as full-size pickups were not so long ago – and more expensive and less fuel-efficient, we are trying to see if there is space for a vehicle with a smaller footprint that potentially is more affordable and gets better gas mileage,” said Hein Schafer.

The Detroit News sees this remark as an opening for the Tarok, which utilizes the MQB vehicle architecture from the Golf, Arteon, Tiguan, and Atlas. Looking at the bigger picture, the Big Three in Detroit wouldn’t compete at this level because Ford, General Motors, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles are more interested in the mid- and full-size segments.

Hyundai, on the other hand, prepares to take the veils off the Santa Cruz while Kia is eyeing a compact pickup as well. Turning our attention back to domestic automakers, Ford is developing a compact-sized pickup on the C2 vehicle architecture of the Focus.

The Blue Oval didn’t mention a thing about availability in the United States, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the Courier wouldn’t make it to North America considering the underpinnings come from a European model. On the other hand, don’t forget the 2020 Escape shares its platform with the all-new Kuga and Focus.

In concept flavor, the Tarok utilizes the 1.4 TSI from the Jetta but with a couple of modifications. The four-cylinder turbo develops 150 horsepower, and if you’re thinking about the environment, the engine is much obliged to run on E100 or E22 gasoline-ethanol blend.

The party piece of the Tarok, however, is the Chevrolet Avalanche-inspired retractable panel in the rear. By extending the cargo area into the cabin, the compact pickup can load longer items. In terms of payload, look forward to 1,000 kilograms (2,205 pounds) or thereabouts.

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