VW Tiguan Turbo S Trolls Porsche, Has a Wing

VW Tiguan Turbo S Trolls Porsche, Has a Wing
Everybody VW tuner does the same thing: lowered suspension and custom wheels, preferably ones that look retro or belong to another car. So you need a gimmick to set yourself apart, and it doesn't get much better than a Volkswagen pretending to be a Porsche and doing a bad job of it.
VW Tiguan Turbo S Trolls Porsche, Has a Wing
This one was put together by the Swiss youngsters at Low Society and is a Tiguan that wants to be a Porsche of some kind. The SUV connection makes you think of the Cayenne, but the strip of red across the back screams "classic air-cooled  Porsche 911."

We hope that VW can forgive us for saying this, but the R-Line body kit for the Tiguan is their best. Most of the others are crap, especially the one for the little T-Roc crossover. Thanks to those wide, black air intakes at the front, you don't need to do a lot.

In this case, we've got a custom wrap, since the Tiguan never came in bright yellow, together with air suspension as some custom wheels with 255/30R20 tires. I think those are Rotiform wheels, right? Maybe there's a better custom wheel specialist among our readers.

We've also got some engine mods here. The SUV started out with a 2.0 TSI making 220 HP but got boosted to 270 HP, about the same as your average hot hatch.

With its existing AWD and DSG gearbox, getting to 100 km/h in about 6 seconds should be possible. But the wing should be the real talking point here. The struts have been custom-made to fit onto the license plate and trunk spoiler. They don't look like they could support any downforce, but this is not a VW that's made to go fast.

The crazy makeover was finished late last year and should be somewhere around the shores of Lake Worthersee for the 2019 GTI Meet.

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