We’re Back in Forza Horizon 4 Today at 3PM — Join Us!

We’re Back in Forza Horizon 4 Today at 3PM — Join Us!

We are once more heading into Forza Horizon 4 this afternoon—and we want you to join us for some high-speed racing action.

We’re back! After a week’s break, we’ll be heading back into this afternoon for some racing action across digital Britain.

It’s summer time this week in , so it should be an ideal setting to lay down rubber. There aren’t any new cars to win, but we’ll be spending time with some of the recent additions, like the spunky little Peugeot 205 Rallye. You’ll want to get your Retro Rally cars ready, a class that’s a regular favorite during our play time, and a focus of one of this week’s events. We’re thinking Lancia 037 or maybe Subaru 22B.

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There’s also a ’50s-themed event, which should provide plenty of diverse metal. Will you go Euro or pick up some classic Americana?

As always, we’ll be chatting about what’s been through the AutoGuide garage recently too—like the Chevy Bolt EV—and what’s coming up. Keep an eye out for hints…

You can watch below, starting at 3PM EST.

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How to Join Us

Want to take part? Awesome. Here’s what you need:

  • A copy of on Xbox One or PC
  • Add yours truly on Xbox Live with the username SlipZtrEm (shout out to teenage Kyle for the wicked handle)
  • Join my in-game group starting at 15:00 EST

And, if you’re not a gamer, but curious to see what it’s all about, watch the brand-new AutoGuide Twitch channel. That’s it—looking forward to seeing you there!

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