All-New Audi A6 Begins to Take Shape in Early Testing

All-New Audi A6 Begins to Take Shape in Early Testing

Sporting plenty of camouflage, Audi wants to hide what’s coming on the new A6.

At first glance, it appears the next Audi A6 isn’t going to be getting any significant changes, but that’s intentional. Audi is doing its best to conceal many of the major changes as the A6 matures. Up front, the grille is larger and wider, while the headlights will be getting thinner to give the A6 an overall wider profile. With the aid of the camouflage, the prototype’s headlights appear to be similar to the current model, but looking behind the camouflage, you can spot the thinner lights. The hood also has a different design and the side mirrors have been moved lower.

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Like the current model, the next Audi A6 will serve as a bigger Audi A4 in the company’s lineup. Set to debut in 2018, the Audi A6 will continue to complete against the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class models, both of which have been thoroughly updated with the latest technologies. We can expect the A6 to be significantly lighter and feature all the latest technology like the Virtual Cockpit.

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