Audi Plans to Launch Self-Driving Car by 2020

Audi Plans to Launch Self-Driving Car by 2020

Audi has strengthened its relationship with Nvidia and the two brands plan to release a self-driving car together by 2020. 

The two companies are long-time partners and have worked together on Audi innovations like Audi MMI navigation and the Audi virtual cockpit. At the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the German automaker is showing off a Q7 piloted driving concept vehicle that uses neural networks and end-to-end deep learning on Nvidia’s artificial intelligence platform to navigate a complex course. According to Audi, the vehicle learns from both the road and the driver and is capable of handling unpredictable situations like roadblocks, construction and changes in weather.

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Audi plans on introducing the world’s first Level 3 automated vehicle equipped with a first-generation central driver assistance controller later this year. The vehicle will be equipped with Nvidia computing hardware and software.

While its Level 3 automated vehicle is still a ways away from being available to the public, the next-generation Audi A8 will feature Traffic Jam Pilot that uses a central driver assistance controller with Nvidia hardware and software. The new system gives drivers the option to turn over steering, throttle and braking functionality to the vehicle at speeds of up to 35 mph when certain conditions are met.

“Audi drivers know the pinnacle of performance and technology,’’ said Scott Keogh, President of Audi of America. “In our mutual pursuit for safer roads, the partnership between Audi and NVIDIA will expand to deep learning and artificial intelligence to bring higher automation into production more quickly.”

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